Will I have to change my sales process?

Yes and No, ezAutoQuote integrates into your existing sales process – there is no new process to learn. But, to get the most out of the system you will want to follow our best practices that we know provides results. For example you should always compare three vehicles and use the Priorities tool to establish rapport and credibility.

How long will it take for my Sales Team to get up to speed?

Most Sales Consultants are comfortable using ezAutoQuote after the initial training session, which takes just a couple hours.  Learning how to position the product and sometimes ask for help using the Touch feature could take some additional practice.

How tech savvy does my Sales Team need to be?

eazAutouote does not require any technical knowledge whatsoever. Even a 10 year old can navigate our system.  It uses the same paradigms and user interface experiences found on nearly all  shopping web sites.  If your team is looking for a tool to help make them more money and at the same time have more satisfied clients, then we are the tool for you.